"The information that I gained from these modules has completely changed my thinking on how palliative care can be used and integrated into the care and management of my patients with symptomatic chronic disease and not reserved only for the end of their life."

History of Palliative Care Education Modules

The Michigan Governor’s Commission on End of Life Care Legislation (2000), and the Michigan Department of Community Health recognized the need for graduate nursing education in advanced disease and palliative care management. The Michigan Department of Community Health in partnership with the Michigan Nurses Association funded the Michigan Palliative Care Advanced Practice Nurses Self-Study Project. Initially, six Michigan based graduate nursing programs participated and received didactic content and video information on the optimal management in the care of the patient living with and dying from symptomatic chronic disease – in the context of family.

These educational modules have been updated and revised three separate times. Faculty from Armstrong Atlantic State University has participated in the last 2 revisions. The modules have all undergone peer review, reliability and validity evaluation. The recent update occurred in February 2013.

The Georgia Nurses Association, in partnership with Palliative Care Education, is pleased to provide a total of 10 Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) contact hours for the full series of modules. The modules have been revised through a process of interdisciplinary peer-review - and have undergone psychometric evaluation through test retest reliability and concurrent validity.

These nursing modules are unique to nursing education, providing current, concise information on the integration of palliative care into the management of advanced chronic disease states and their accompanied symptoms.